Espresso coffee machines

WMF 1500 S
Model din noua generatie WMF. Calitate deosebita, performante imbunatatite la un pret imbatabil!
WMF 900 S
Model semi-profesional. Calitate garantata WMF - "made in Germany".
WMF 1200 S
Dark beauty with impressive, internal values. It is a hot source of cool coffee specialities
WMF presto!
presto! ... coffee wakes up the world! Fully automatic coffee specialty machine
WMF 1800 S
Self-Service for Coffee Lovers. Specially for self-service operation
WMF 2000 S
Perfect coffee specialities with milk at the touch of a button or "handmade"
WMF bistro!
WMF bistro! For the entire world of coffee – always in perfect quality
WMF 8000 S
Noul varf de gama. Cel mai complet si performant espressor din clasa premium.
WMF Espresso
The perfect espresso. Handmade automatically
La Spaziale S40
The perfect instrument for a perfect espresso.
La Spaziale S5 EK
One of the leading espresso machines on the market.
WMF 1000
Fully automated coffee machine. Perfect coffee pleasure.
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We provide various models for both professional and home use espresso (bean-to-cup) machines. Now you can benefit from last generation technologies, quality and efficiency right at your location! If you are looking for a solution for your pub, restaurant, hotel or coffee-shop, here you will find everything you need! If you are looking for a solution for your home or office, you will also find your answer here!

If you wish to prepare a “made in Italy” espresso like a real barista, we have espresso machines with which you can achieve this. If you wish to prepare these drinks by just pressing a button, we have various models that can make different types of drinks (for example espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato) without the need for special training.  

Basic espresso machines that can make only 1 or 2 types of drinks and that can function with coffee beans or capsules, are also available wihin our product range.

The main advantages of our espresso machines range:

-          Intuitive and friendly use interface

-          Elegant, special design

-          Functionality

-          Fast preparation of quality coffee and different other coffee specialities

-          A varied menu of hot drinks depending on the model

-          Professional components that use last generation technologies

-          Easy to maintain, supply and use

-          Low energy intake


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