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Krystal 175

Krystal, Snack and Drink machine. Compatible with Perla.


Main features:

-         Optimized internal volume intended for the products

-         Maximum versatility: all the versions can work with a stratified temperature +6°C or in 2T mode (3 drawers at +3°C)

-         Excellent ergonomy: the position of the delivery door is the highest in the category

-         Wide product extraction drawer for good visibility of the dispensed product

-         Delivery door, with safety lock

-         Automatic drawer lock/unloked system (Patent Pending)

-         Reprogrammable Rielda lock unit

-         Wide space for payment systems

-         Multi-protocol MDB, Executive, BDV with EVA-DTS

-         External anti-theft profile

-         Delivery door with hinged system

-         Triangle sandwich kit

-         Removable side panel

-         Slide-out refrigeration unit (Patent Pending)

-         Lateral side air circulation (Patent Pending)

-         Reduced energy consumption

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