Vending Machines

Automat vending de protectie anti-Corona

Solutia perfecta pentru vanzarea produselor sanitare.

Fast 900

Fast 900 is the the entry-level model available in the FAST range.

Faster 900

Specially designed to ensure the correct preservation of food products.

Faster 1050

The largest model available in the Faster range.

Skudo 1050

Skudo - for a safer business. Vandal-proof, high capacity vending machine.

FAS Baby

Automat de vending din clasa compacta. Ideal pentru spatiile restranse.

Skudo 900

Skudo - for a safer business. Vandal-proof vending machine.

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We provide a variety of vending machines models of different dimensions and configurations that will fit perfectly at your location. Similar to the other equipment, both for the demanding clients and for those who need to meet a certain budget, we can offer optimum solutions. 

From a snack& food vending machine (for sandwiches, sodas and snacks), a compact model like Krystal, to machines of large dimensions like Faster 1050. All models have incorporated last generation technologies that ensure optimum functioning and will offer an entire range of facilities such as:

-          Intuitive and friendly use interface

-          Available with more configurations (configurations can be made specially, at request, for different types of products)

-          Versatility (one or more temperature areas available)

-          Functionality

-          Compatibility with our coffee vending machines range

-          Compatibility with most payment systems available on the market

-          Compatibility with most monitoring and control systems (telemetry)


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