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We identify ourselves as an integrator of solutions and services (consultancy, selling and technical support) in the vending machines and professional hot drinks and coffee making equipment business. We plan to make provide our clients with a diverse range of equipment and accessories, as well as a flexible and customized services package that corresponds to the needs of each particular client.

Let us help you identify your problems and we will offer the solutions you need.

Site management  and consultancy

Alcor offers practical advice and consultancy services for all the equipment it commercializes (espresso machines and professional drip coffee makers, vending machines for making coffee and hot drinks, vending machines for snack & food alimentary products, payment systems and various accessories).

Our main objectives are to help our clients to set up an intelligent action plan, to offer detailed information for every situation they are confronted with and to provide them with the best range of equipment and accessories that perfectly correspond to the clients’ needs.

Preliminary discussions, meticulous analysis and organization down to the smallest details are essential before making any equipment purchasing decision. For example, when one desires to purchase vending machines for hot drinks or snack & food products, there are certain highly important aspects that most clients usually overlook, but that need to be thoroughly studied before making a decision. Among these aspects are:  anticipating the amortization and profit calculation, identifying the necessary equipment and the working parameters, the equipment configuration, selecting the auxiliary devices (cash and cashless payment systems, water filtering systems etc.), security and control systems and last, but not least, the price/quality ratio.

The consultancy services package for vending machines

These services are part of an extensive process that usually begins with an initial communication by phone or e-mail that has the purpose of shaping the larger picture of the project dimension and your requests concerning the vending machines. In the following phase, we can organize a first meeting and we can analyze together the location (locations) where the equipment will be installed, trying to identify the solutions that correspond to your requests.

Afterwards, we will forward a detailed offer, specific for your unique situation, in which we will indicate the machine models and the accessories that fit your necessities, location and budget the best. This process takes place for all the available equipment (espresso machines, drip coffee makers etc.).

Nation-wide technical assistance

The technical support represents the « spine » of our services, as we know that our coffee machines, as well as the other equipment, need to have an optimum functioning all the time. This happens because our clients deserve to have permanent access to the products they wish to consume.

 The equipment Alcor offers for sale incorporates last generation technologies, being extremely reliable. But even so, we all know that even the most efficient equipment needs special attention when one desires permanent use and the avoidance of unpleasant situations caused by malfunction. 

Our service team members follow a rigorous training program in our company and participate regularly to learning and evaluation sessions organized by our foreign equipment producing partners. This means that our team is carefully prepared, but also monitored constantly, because its clients’ satisfaction represents a primordial objective.

Maximize your profit by using a customized services package

  • Not only can we help you increase your profit, but we can also provide a services package customized according to your requests. This package could include:
  • Finding an equipment financing solution (leasing) through our partners in the financial services business
  • Evaluating, preparing and planning on-site for each of your locations
  • Installing and configuring the equipment and accessories
  • Training the personnel
  • Technical support 24/7 on the entire Romanian territory.


These are services offered exclusively by our specialized operating division – The Vending Point.

The Vending Point has a team of operating agents that successfully handle supplying and daily maintaining the machines our clients have in custody. Carefully selecting and training them, as well as monitoring the daily activities, allow us to maintain the quality of our services at a high level.

The operating agents start their schedule early in the morning, to avoid disturbing the clients during their working time. All operators are hired after a very strict selection process and follow a training program in the company. Also, they become familiar with ISO procedures.

A part of our qualified personnel will go to certain locations, at regular time intervals in order to check the state of the machines and will ensure that the quality standards are fulfilled, that the machines are clean, well supplied etc.

For further details on this type of services, please consult the The Vending Point operating division's website:


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