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€UR3 Coin validator

€UR3 is a coin validator specially designed for the table-top vending machines; it guarantees an efficient solution as far as the product reliability, compactness, service life and flexibility are concerned.

Main features:


EXCELLENT DISCRIMINATION: €UR3 is extremely innovative and functional thanks to a special system of coin validation (optical and magnetic) which guarantees a high degree of security. 
HIGH DEGREE OF ACCEPTANCE: The €UR3 coin validator can recognize up to 24 different types of coins, which can be programmed by using a special PC software. Equipped with a connector for a 10 and 16 ways parallel connection, it can be directly connected to the vending machine or to the main cashless payment systems present on the market. Programming is quick and simple thanks to the use of a special PC software or by acting on external dip-switches. 
EASY TO UPGRADE: Thanks to the use of a Flash memory microprocessor the €UR3 Coin Validator can be easily updated to the last release without the need for replacing any hardware component. It is enough to connect the Coin Validator to the PC by using a special harness and then carry out the software update.

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