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My Key

The new Coges electronic cashless key uses sophisticated transponder technology, which is able to transmit and receive data without the need for electric contacts.

It is enough to insert the cashless key in a special Card or Key Reader and charge it by inserting some cash. From that moment on the cashless MyKey key will replace the use of cash in all the vending machines managed by the same Operator and will be used for purchasing products or any desired service: at each purchase the cost of the product will be decreased from the credit charged, till it is used up. The cashless MyKey key can be recharged at any moment and in any vending machine equipped with a device for cash validation, or using a special terminal. This operation can be always carried out in autonomous way by the User. 


SAFE: Thanks to the transponder technology (a radio frequency identification), MyKey contactless key makes the transactions extremely safe and confidential. MyKey differs from the other cashless keys as the exchange of information between key and reader does not take place by means of a direct physical contact, but by radio frequency transmission. 
Very easy to use, MyKey cashless key works as the well-known E.C.S. CL key, to recharge it is enough to insert it in the Key reader or Card key and card reader, included in all Coges electronic payment systems of new generation. 
RELIABLE: Reliability and the highest quality levels coming from 30 years of Coges experience in manufacturing cash and cashless payment systems. 
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: The data transmission between contacless keys and reader occurs in radio-frequency, guaranteeing thus a high degree of data safety. Each electronic cashless key has a univocal identification code which makes MyKey exclusive and inimitable. Its memory area is divided in sections to which two different access codes are assigned. MyKey permits the automatic management of deposits. The key is autonomously enabled when the amount inserted by the user exceeds the deposit amount. 
TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT: To favour a better control of the vending machine MyKey cashless key can store the last 8 transactions carried out. 
APPLICATIONS: MyKey cashless key is perfectly compatible with Coges electronic payment systems and can be used with every cashless system equipped with Key or Card.

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