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Lithos bill reader

The new Lithos bill validator designed by Coges presents some mechanical and electronic technological innovative solutions to offer the maximum reliability of bill reading and counterfeit discrimination. 

NEXT GENERATION OPTIC SYSTEM: The optic bench is able to acquire 9 optic signals from the entire surface of the bill to guarantee accurate recognition. Lithos is also fitted with separate optics dedicated specifically to recognising the insertion of bills and an anti-fishing optic system to prevent the inserted bill from being withdrawn.

JOINT MODULAR SYSTEM: The innovative modular assembly system permits a quick installation: the sturdy aluminium bezel can be easily installed on the outside of the vending machine then connected from the inside to the plastic body, with no effort, screwdrivers or any other tools required. It is also possible to expose the bill insertion slot only instead of the entire slot casing and the validator can be assembled with an upward or downward stacker for bill collection, and is therefore adaptable to suit the available space inside the machine. The size of Lithos comply with the EVA-CVS standards and is compatible with the size of the Eureka bill validator, permitting thus a perfect replacement without any drilling or adaptation works required on the vending machine.

EASY MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING: In addition to the simple installation, the joint modular structure permits a rapid release and a simple access to all the most important components of the validator, optic system included, permitting thus an easy maintenance and cleaning of the parts.

All the buttons and indicators are placed on the back of the validator, so that they can be easily reached by the operator.

HIGH ERGONOMICS: Lithos is equipped with a push-button for the immediate inhibition of any bill present in the database, while a programming dipswitch permits to set some functions directly on the Validator. The presence and correct positioning of the cash are detected by a sensor which can communicate any anomaly by means of LEDs.

The communication with the user is immediate thanks to the LED lights of the bezel which function according to an intuitive traffic-light logic.

STRENGTH AND RELIABILITY: The aluminium bezel, the only exposed part of the validator, guarantees some resistance to any possible act of vandalism. A draining system protects the sensitive parts of Lithos bill validator from any possible liquid infiltration introduced through the bezel.

EASY TO UPDATE: Another innovative aspect of the new bill validator is the USB port that can connect it directly to a personal computer or that permits the insertion of a key for  firmware updating, programming and uploading of new bill databases. Lithos is supplied complete with a wide database, realized with new algorithms in order to make it more accurate. Some additional databases, firmware updates and the BillValidator programming software are available free of charge.

ENVIRONMENT RESPECT: Lithos bill validator was designed with a particular care to consumptions and to environment respect. In stand-by mode, as a matter of fact, Lithos consumes only the 10% of power supply consumed by the Eureka bill validator and it is placed at the lowest levels of consumptions among the bill validators present on the market. The whole validator, furthermore, is built with recyclable materials.


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