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E.C.S. Platinum Key-Card

The E.C.S. Platinum Key - Card system represents the latest advance in electronic payment systems and can be installed on vending machines operating with Executive, BDV, MDB protocol and even electromechanical versions by means of a special interface (optional).

Main features:

- It has been designed to assure maximum flexibility thanks also to the integrated cash and cashless handling system, by means of connection to coin and bill validators and change giver coin mechanism. 

- With the Platinum system it is possible to programme 100 sale prices in price-holding, cost by price configuration or manage sale prices directly at the vending machine. 

- There is a practical programming wizard for setting the operating parameters; Platinum also provides the opportunity for integrating various functions aimed at assuring maximum user satisfaction and fidelity, such as discounts, bonuses and promotions, which may also vary according to key category or time of day. The system can also be used to operate calorie control (a function patented by Coges) in order to cater for the most advanced European health standards. 

- Utilisation is made more efficient by the user key autocode function and automatic deposit management, while accounting data readings, in EVA-DTS format, can also be made using either the integrated IR interface in the Card reader or the optional IR PORT Module. 

- The Key and Card readers have two LED’s to help the user when making a purchase while the client can customise the colours of the light illuminating the top of the readers.

- Both the system itself and the key and card readers are made of self-extinguishing material.

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