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PROFIT coin validator with changegiver

More precise, more versatile, faster and with longer independent operation. What’s more? After over ten years of experience in the design and production of change-giver coin mechanisms, Coges is proud to present the new 5-tube PROFIT coin mechanism.

FASTER: With a newly conceived separator/validator group, re-designed from scratch, the PROFIT change-giver coin mechanism has a recognition rate of up to 2 or 3 coins per second (depending on the coin type). 

MORE PRECISE: The use of new technologies for the separator/validator group makes for fast, accurate channelling of the coins into the tubes and highly precise coin recognition. 
The traditional technology based on electromagnets and shutters has been abandoned in favour of an innovating, adjustable hopper system that directs the coins precisely into the correct channel. 
MORE VERSATILE: The most striking feature of the PROFIT coin mechanism is its 5 tubes. Compared to the traditional 4-tube coin mechanism this gives greater versatility and longer independent operation when delivering change. 
LONGER INDEPENDENT OPERATION: PROFIT tubes are exceptionally long: they can hold up to 97 five eurocent coins, and do indeed have greater capacity than other change-giver coin mechanisms currently on the market. 
The tube group has photocells at three levels (maximum, minimum, medium) for more accurate monitoring of the coin levels in the tubes. 
SELF-LOCKING TUBE BOX*: The tube box is locked by a patented electromagnet system to prevent unauthorised opening. The programming menu can be used to set the box to unlock without restrictions, after insertion of an authorised key or after keying in a special code using the coin mechanism keypad. When the box is opened using a key or password, this is recorded in a non-modifiable log. 
AUTOFLOATING: The “intelligent float” system generates statistics to optimise change delivery so that the change-giver coin mechanism gives priority to the coin denominations that tend to accumulate most often in the tubes. 
ASSISTED RECHARGING*: When the operator has to recharge coins into the tubes, the PROFIT changes the cash float automatically and the operation is recorded in the accounting data. 
INFRARED INTERFACE ON MACHINE: The PROFIT change-giver coin mechanism has integrated IR interface for transmitting accounting data to a palm computer. It is also possible to connect an external IR PORT module to the coin mechanism, installing it in a different position inside the vending machine.

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