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AETERNA coin mechanism with change giver

A new 5-tube coin changer Aeterna combines the high performance Coges fruit of the simplicity necessary for those who want a functional and essential coin. Both interface as menu planning, Aeterna has been designed to be functional and user-friendly, thus making the rapid configuration.


Main features:

SPEED: An innovative design of the separator / validator allows the coin changer Aeterna a recognition rate that ranges from 2 to 3 coins per second (depending on the type of coin).

ACCURACY: The application of new technologies to the group separator / validator allows accurate channeling of coins in the tubes and provides a high level of recognition accuracy of the coins. The traditional technology based on electromagnetic and shutters have been abandoned in favor of an innovative adjustable hopper system that accurately directs the money in the correct channel.
VERSATILITY: The presence of 5 tubes allows a great flexibility and autonomy in the delivery of the rest.

CAPACITY: The tubes are exceptionally long Aeterna: may contain up to 97 coins of 0.05 € and the tubes are in fact among the most spacious of the changer on the market today. The pipe unit includes 2 levels of photocells for accurate verification of the level of coins in the tubes.

INFRARED DATA COLLECTION: Aeterna has a built-in infrared interface for transmission of the accounting data to a PDA. E 'can also be connected to coin a module external port IR, placed inside the vending machine.

ASSISTED CHARGE *: Where is the need to buy some coins in the tubes by the operator, the exchange of cash on hand is performed automatically by Aeterna and the operation is recorded in the accounting data.

* Patented feature only available with cashless systems connected Coges

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