Payment systems

€UR3 Coin validator
Very innovative and practical
PROFIT coin validator with changegiver
All the advantages of Coges experience.
Lithos bill reader
Versatile, reliable, precise
E.C.S. Iridium
Small dimensions for a great cashless system.
E.C.S. Titanium Key-Card
All the advantages of cashless, without having to give up cash.
E.C.S. Platinum Key-Card
The payment system to satisfy every need.
E.C.S. Platinum MIFARE®
The most powerful system for MIFARE cards.
E.C.S. Platinum LEGIC
Cel mai puternic sistem pentru cardurile LEGIC®
My Key
The new Coges electronic cashless key.
My Card
My Card is the new cashless electronic card
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Here at Alcor, we appreciate the new technologies. We can offer payment systems that use state-of-the art technologies, including cashless solutions, cards or magnetic keys in order to facilitate the access to the services we offer through espresso and coffee machines and/or vending machines for sodas and snacks.

In addition, you may opt for machines equipped with coin and bill validators, with or without a change giver.


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