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WMF cafemat!

WMF cafemat! ...fine, fresh filter coffee

There's always something special about the enjoyment of filter coffee from the WMF cafemat!. The expertise acquired in over 100 years of coffee machines development has resulted in a perfection that makes drinking coffee an experience. To obtain the full flavour of a perfect filter coffee, it's not just the quality of the ground coffee and the water that matter, but also the finely tuned interaction of the brewing temperature and the brewing duration. This is where the WMF cafemat! operates with the reliability that makes it indispensable for everyday professional use.

Anyone can make coffee - but making good coffee is a job for specialists: like the WMF cafemat!

- Each better-looking than the next: attractive design, high quality materials - perfectly capable of being integrated

- Fresh-brew function: despite storage reservoir optionally available fresh-brew function, as well as optionally a small ground coffee hopper for a second coffee product

- Large quantities directly into the jug: the optional available multi-brew arm enables you to brew straight into an insulated container

- Timer function: Timer can be programmed so that the set quantity is ready in the storage reservoir at the specified time (with automatic refill brewing)

- Modularity: You can specify your "very own" WMF cafemat! from a variety of equipment features.

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