1. Can the machines be purchased on installments?

Yes! Alcor can offer financing solutions. We recommend contacting us and an Alcor specialist will provide more details.

2. How long does it take for the equipment to be delivered?

The equipment that is on stock is delivered in 48 hours. For the equipment that is not on stock or that needs a special configuration, the delivery time is of maximum 30 days.

3. Is the equipment also available for renting, or only for sale?

As a rule, the equipment available on this site is for sale only. However, Alcor can offer most of the equipment in commodatum and/or rental system through the specialized division “The Vending Point”. For more details, visit the site of our operating division: www.thevendingpoint.ro or contact an Alcor representative directly.

4. What discounts can you offer?

Alcor has a transparent and tangible discount policy, depending on the number of acquired equipment. The discounts are not applied to the equipment that represents the object of a promotion.

5. What is the warranty period for the equipment?

The equipment delivered by Alcor has a standard warranty period of 1 or 2 years. The warranty period can be extended at request, for a fee.

6. How do you offer technical assistance in case of failures?

Alcor has its own technical department with personnel specialized for each category of equipment and has the logistic and managerial capacity to offer an efficient service nation-wide.

7. Can I buy equipment online?

alcor-holding.ro is a presentation site, not a virtual store. Because Alcor gives special attention to each client and seeing that the equipment range is varied and most models have multiple configuration possibilities and various accessories available, our policy is to have a direct contact with the client in order to offer specialized consultation, so that we guide him to the optimum solution.

8. Where is the equipment delivered?

For « office » equipment, but also for home use, the delivery is made either at the Alcor headquarters, or at the client’s headquarters.

9. What is the payment method for the equipment?

For the equipment on stock, the payment is made on delivery, if there is no other agreement with the client.

If the equipment is not on stock, an advance is paid (usually 30%) and the rest is paid on delivery or at the agreed terms.

10. What services are included in the equipment price?

Alcor offers practical advice and a package of consultancy services for all the commercialized equipment. Our main objectives are to help clients set up an intelligent action plan, to offer detailed information for every situation they encounter and to provide the best range of equipment and accessories that perfectly correspond to their requests.

For all equipment models, consultancy, putting into operation and primary training are offered free of charge.

11.  What does the Alcor consultancy services package contain?

These services are part of an extensive process that usually begins with an initial communication by phone or e-mail that has the purpose of shaping the larger picture of the project dimension and your requests. In the following phase, we can organize (if necessary) a meeting and we can analyze together the location (locations) where the equipment will be installed, trying to identify the solutions that correspond to your requests.

Afterwards, we will forward a detailed offer, specific for your unique situation, in which we will indicate the machine models and the accessories that fit your necessities, location and budget the best. This process takes place for all commercialized equipment.

Why should you choose Alcor?


  • Not only can we help you maximize your profit, but we can also provide a package of services customized according to your requests
  • We have over 15 years of experience in the business
  • We are the promoters of prestigious brands and have solid partnerships with notable producers such as WMF (Germany), Schaerer (Switzerland), FAS (Italy), Jura (Switzerland), Dalla Corte (Italy), La Spaziale (Italy)
  • All the equipment we provide has a high standard of quality
  • You receive cost-free consultancy in order to choose the optimum solution
  • You have the guarantee that your equipment can be repaired by specialized technicians in case of failure
  • We ensure total transparency in the relation with our clients
  • Alcor has a quality management system implemented since 2006 for which it received ISO 9001 certification and this means that every request from our clients has an assured circuit, so that our clients’ satisfaction is guaranteed.
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