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La Spaziale S40

The opportunities offered by digital technologies are constantly growing and the S40 is ready to seize them all.

Behind the coffee bar counter, every second is precious, cup after cup.

The coffee machine is the instrument which dictates the rhythm.

It has to be technological, reliable, ergonomic.

It has to be attractive, fit in with the furnishings, the shades of colours, the lights.


It makes your work run smoothly. You have thus more time to think, to express own creativity, to better fulfil the art of the barman.

In planning the new S40, La Spaziale top of the range, the technicians set themselves these goals.

They observed gestures, pauses and work spaces to come up with the ergonomic aspects.

Then, they dressed the elements of functionality with a high-class aesthetic, as elegance and practicality may blend in an excellent design.

Inside the machine, they placed a technological heart, whose components interact with extreme precision, guided by avant-gard electronics.

An ample display with LCD graphics guarantees total interaction between the barman and the engineer responsible for maintenance, who in every single moment has full control pf the machine.

There is rapid and easy access to the technological heart of the S40.

Accurately programmed control cycles allow to reduce maintenance time and ensure that the machine is kept in a state of maximum efficiency.

A personalised card gives access to the management progtrammes, making the S40 unique and secure in every aspect..

The updates of the software controlling the machine are extraordinarily simple. Energy consumation is liited, as after 20 minutes of inactivity the machine goes into“stand-by”.

But this is only the start of a journey.

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