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WMF bistro!

Presentation of the WMF bistro!

Even more quality, even more design, even more options, steam power, milk power, integrated choc and the plug & clean novelty!

- bistro – this means coffee variety just at the push of a button: Espresso, ristretto, café creme, cappuccino, latte macchiato and white coffee, as well as filter coffee!

WMF bistro! For the entire world of coffee – always in perfect quality

Main advantages:
- Every cup is freshly brewed offering the highest coffee pleasure

- The preparation of coffee is also no problem for the bistro! (optionally)

- Due to the high hourly output you can serve many guests simultaneously

- A further kind of coffee (e.g.. decaffeinated coffee) can be prepared via the manual insert

- Height-adjustable spout for single and double cups, mugs and jugs

- Exemplary operator’s guidance via display and simple key allocation

- The milk foam conception sees to an always consistent and fine pored milk foam quality

- Individual programming of up to 16 coffee variants in standard configuration

- Optionally in up to 3 different coffee volumes (e.g. S, M, L)

- Optionally with choc function

- Fully automatic cleaning program

- Optimally matched accessories (sub-counter cooler, cup board, cup & cool)


For more information on the bistro! please refer to our sales force.

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