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WMF 1800 S


Specially for self-service operation

The WMF 1800 S user guide was developed specially for the requirements of self-service operation. The keys arranged in a line above the coffee spout, a special cup stop and the design of the drip tray help the customer to select the desired product and place the cup in position

 Easy to operate
with its central line-up. One line of buttons,
a one-cup spout and a central cup stop
make it easy to select a product and place
the cup in position.
Great design
The attractive illumination, which is freely
selectable in all the colours, also flashes
to show if the coffee beans or milk need
to be topped up.

One spout does it all

All the coffee specialities, chocolate and
hot water come from a single spout, i. e.,
the cup is always in the same place.

Delicious hot chocolate and chociatto (optional)

Almost any creation involving chocolate
and coffee can be produced with lots of
hot fresh milk.

Hot water at the correct temperature

is dispensed by the WMF 1800 S, for
tea for example, simply at the touch
of a button.

Easily adjustable spout height

Containers up to 180 mm tall can be filled.
A jug of coffee can also be filled, for meetings
for example, by inputting a PIN.

The clear labelling concept

allows the button labels to be individually
designed with product names, prices or
pictures and swapped around as required.

Variable number of product buttons

Up to 8 buttons are available for allocation
to coffee specialities as desired. The number
can be reduced at any time and increased
again later, according to circumstances.

Auxiliary units and vending units

Cup racks, milk cooler or mug dispenser,
combined with vending units like a coin
checker, coin changer, banknote or card reader,
complete the self-service operation facilities.

Maintenance is so easy

You can do the basic maintenance yourself.
That means fewer visits by the WMF service

Large coffee grounds container

The easy-access, centrally located coffee
grounds container has a large capacity.
 Works with vending units
If a vending unit such as a coin checker is
connected, the display shows helpful messages
like “Please insert correct coins”, etc.

Examples of use

Attractive auxiliary units like milk coolers, cup racks and mug dispensers, vending units like coin checkers, coin changers, banknote or card readers and mobile coffee stations are available for use with the machines. These upgrade the WMF 1800 S to a fully equipped vending unit which can even be mobile if required.
Its proven modular design ensures the WMF 1800 S will fit in perfectly at the place of use. The machine can be equipped with one or two grinders and with a chocolate, topping, twin chocolate or twin topping hopper, as desired. Extra security for self-service use: all hoppers have a lockable lid.
From the coffee break at the office or at conferences and meetings, in service areas, self-service restaurants, public buildings, car showrooms or in coffee-to-go outlets. Wherever staff, customers or visitors help themselves, the WMF 1800 S provides total coffee pleasure.
It combines optimum ease of operation with top product quality and lots of product variety – from Espresso and Café Crème to Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato and Caffè Latte and even fine hot chocolate. And the obligatory jug of coffee for the conference room can be dispensed quickly and easily at the touch of a button by an authorised person.

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