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WMF 1000

Fully automated coffee machine WMF 1000

Perfect coffee pleasure. The WMF 1000.

The WMF 1000 has an appealing, exclusive design and surfaces of matt brushed stainless steel.

This is what makes the WMF 1000 so remarkable

Now new: For ideal efficient energy household.
WMF Zero-Energy-Function

Optimal degree of grinding for the perfect coffee pleasure
WMF Perfect Extraction System

Just one spout for all coffee specialties
The WMF All-In-One spout

Full selection at the simple push of a button
11 international coffee specialties, milk and hot water for tea.

Original technology from WMF professional coffee machines
Professional WMF technology

The patented, fully automated milk system cleaning
WMF Connect & Clean

Premium-Service with pick up and bring service
24 months premium guarantee.
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