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We have always approached our business area in an unprecedented way. Creating the best experience for our clients is what constantly motivates us.

We appreciate your business and we also appreciate your feedback. Alcor differentiates itself by offering top quality services, customized according to the consumers’ needs. We have chosen to add further value to each of the services we offer. This policy guarantees a long term relation with our clients, for whom we are constantly trying to offer the most specific solutions and the most positive experience.

Our team of professionals is always ready to answer to our clients’ requests. Your satisfaction is our primordial objective and the fact that we have a vast experience helps us please our clients.

Implementing and developing our Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 represents for us the guarantee of constantly improving the performance of our services.

We are able to add value to our services because:

  • We know how to actively listen
    We encourage our clients to rate our services by creating surveys and questionnaires that offer them the possibility to express their opinion on the quality of the services we offer. Based on this information, we coordinate our future actions.
  • We are customer-oriented
  • We consult each other in everything we do if it benefits and satisfies the client.
  • We measure our performances
    All our team members are evaluated based on the questionnaires filled by our clients and the ratings they give. We assure you that these ratings represent extremely important landmarks for us and we take them seriously.
  • We know how to select and motivate our employees
    We always try to select our employees carefully, train them and keep the best of them. We respect each other and work as a team. We always encourage and credit initiative, creativity and assuming one’s responsibility.  
  • We have systems and procedures that are designed to work for you
    All these talented people that are part of our team have access permanently to all necessary instruments in order to ensure the best services.
  • We care about the environment
    Realizing that this is the only environment we have, we use our resources carefully and avoid waste.
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