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Perla Pro SA

Designed to perfectly match the Krystal 183 in order to create a bundle of vending machines.


Main features:

  • Innovative, high-impact design coordinated with the Snack & Food models of the Krystal line
  • LED-illuminated front panel easy to customize
  • LED-illuminated mechanical selection buttons with intelligent management system (stand-by and dispensing status)
  • The high-performance coffee unit and mixers deliver excellent quality beverages
  • SPIN System, for fast access to all the internal machine components and to optimize routine maintenance time
  • High performance professional flat blade grinder
  • In the models fitted with coffee units the mixer solenoid valve guarantees instant beverages with optimal differentiated temperatures
  • Cup dispensing device with adjustable diameter
  • Stirrer dispensing system with possibility of adjusting both length and thickness
  • Rielda programmable code lock
  • Easily-removed internal parts to facilitate cleaning operations
  • Drip tray for dispensing spouts to guarantee maximum cleanliness during normal loading or maintenance operations
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