Coffee vending machines

G-Caffe Espresso
Fuziune totala intre tehnologia japoneza si maiestria italiana.
Perla, My Personal Coffee shop. Table-Top Coffee Machine
Perla Pro SA
Designed to perfectly match the Krystal 183 in order to create a bundle of vending machines.
Modern design coordinated with Snack & Food models. Capacity: 780 cups
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Alcor provides a large range of coffee vending machines of different dimensions and configurations that will fit perfectly at your location. For the more demanding clients, as well as for those who need to meet a certain budget, we can offer optimum solutions.

From a compact coffee vending machine like Perla, to coffee machines of large dimensions like Winning. All models have incorporated last generation technologies that ensure optimum functioning and will offer an entire range of facilities such as:

-          Intuitive and friendly use interface

-          Functionality

-          Fast preparation of quality coffee and hot drinks

-          A varied menu of drinks (between 5 and 20 available selections)

-          Professional components that use technologies that are unique in the vending industry

-          Compatibility with snack & food vending machines

-          Compatibility with most monitoring and control systems (telemetry)

-          Easy to maintain, supply and use

-          Low energy consumption

Last, but not least, the unique design of our coffee vending machines will impress even the most exigent clients.


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