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The Alcor Company was founded in 1991 and its main activity object is coffee and hot drinks equipment distribution. We started as representatives of the FOUNTAIN hot drinks system, world leader in the business. Later, at the request of our clients, we brought a special system for making drip coffee with prepacked “pouch pack” coffee, unique on the Romanian market, and MIKO coffee.

Noticing that the market requests for espresso coffee are growing, we rounded our offer with special equipment and products for making this type of coffee and we are the promoters of the prestigious WMF and Schaerer range of automatic espresso machines, of the La Spaziale and Dalla Corte traditional espresso machines, as well as the FAS vending machines. Also, Alcor provides the entire range of Coges payment systems.

Starting since 2006, Alcor Company has implemented the Quality Management System, obtaining the ISO 9001 certification.

Today, Alcor Company can offer to the consumers of hot drinks practical solutions, at the best prices, with quality products and services. For the demanding customers, as well as for those who need to meet a budget, we can offer optimum solutions.

The whole Alcor personnel, as well as our collaborators, know that our main preoccupation is to offer to our present and future clients quality products and services, because our motto is “A satisfied client = the best advertising.”



In 2004, following the growing consumer interest, Alcor enters the vending machines business and addresses the market with the newest and most reliable machines existent at that moment. In the same year, Alcor becomes a partner of La Spaziale, an Italian company that produces professional espresso machines.

In 2005, Alcor establishes a new partnership with the Swiss company M Schaerer AG, one of the oldest professional coffee machines producers in the world and becomes exclusive distributor of this equipment for the Romanian market. 

In the year 2006, Alcor develops another partnership with the prestigious German company WMF AG, automatic professional espresso machines producer, becoming an authorized dealer in Romania. In the same year, Alcor obtains the ISO 9001 certification that attests the high quality level of the services we offer.

In 2007, in order to consolidate its position in the vending area, Alcor becomes a partner of FAS International from Italy, company that produces coffee and hot drinks machines and vending machines for snack & food products. Alcor becomes sole importer of the FAS equipment in Romania.

In 2008, Alcor completes its portfolio by signing a partnership agreement with the Dalla Corte Company (Italy), which is presently producing one of the best and most innovative traditional espresso machines in the world and becomes exclusive distributor in Romania.

Starting with 2008, Alcor consolidates the coffee/vending machines operating division by constantly renewing its machine fleet, meeting its clients’ needs with new, attractive offers and providing services of the highest quality level.

In the year 2009, this division is reinvented and activates under the brand “The Vending Point – powered by Alcor”. Alcor plans for the new “The Vending Point” brand to become an important landmark for the coffee machine and vending machine users in general, identifying itself, like the “Alcor” brand, through exceptional quality and through the innovation capacity that represent the base of the services they offer to their clients.

In 2012 Alcor became importer and authorized reseller of Coges payment systems.



ALCOR plans to offer to its clients a diverse range of services in the hot drinks equipment selling business, as well as in the automatic products distributors operating business, at a high quality level.



Applying the highest standards of excellence in selling the products and services we offer.

Becoming the benchmark for quality on the markets we activate in.

Using diversity as an essential component of the way we work in.

Offering our clients the possibility to choose quality, through the solutions we provide.

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